Challenges At Bhoos

1 min read

Bhoos is a social gaming company with a mission to deepen online interaction through games. Our games have served millions of users around the world. We constantly face challenges to improve the game experience to make the interaction more engaging for our users. On the backend, it's even more challenging as our game server needs to handle many concurrent users. Our API server needs to respond within 20 ms to deliver a smooth experience to the users. As such, we face lots of challenges during the development process.

A few issues we encountered during the development are listed below. We have fixed those issues and important lessons along the way. If you are like us, you will enjoy deciphering what went wrong with the code. We are excited to see your approach to those issues. Send us the description of how you fixed any one (the more, the better) of the issue, along with your CV at We will have a chat over coffee if your fix works.

  1. Be careful what you wish for: SQL is a literal genie.
  2. There are only two challenging problems in computer science: 1. Cache invalidation 2. Naming things 3. Off-by-one errors.
  3. When communication happens between 2 parties, there is always a chance that one of them is using a different version. And as such, when the communication format changes, things may break.
  4. To understand recursion, one must first understand the recursion. Most of the errors in programming are logical mistakes.
  5. React is fast and efficient, doesn’t mean it does not take time.