29 Points Game

29 Points or 29 card game is a famous South Asian trick-taking game. It is known to descend from the European family of Jass games, which came from the Netherlands. The game came to the Indian subcontinent along with Dutch traders.

This game is quite popular across much of the northern part of India, including Bombay and West Bengal, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The most interesting thing about this game is its card ranking. Here, the Jack(J) is highest-rank card, followed by Nines(9), Aces(A), Tens(10), King(K), Queen(Q) and then eights(8) and sevens(7).

The 2s, 3s,4s,5s, and 6s are discarded from the game.  Click here to dive deep into 29 Point game rules.

29 Points Tips.

  • Keep a close eye on the cards thrown by other players.
  • Try to make your moves unpredictable.
  • A player with the maximum number of suits may choose it as a trump card suit.
  • There is no point in bidding if a player doesn't have at least one value card.
  • Higher-value cards should always be thrown at the start of the round to maximize the chance of winning.
  • If the ongoing round has no value card thrown, and the current player does not have the suit card, there is no need to see trump.
  • Avoid revealing the trump when your partner is winning.

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