Call Break Game

Call break is a card game that is a famous pastime mainly in the South Asian region for any occasion. It carries the essence of bringing people close during the game. With the growing distance between the pals, playing card games have become difficult for some people. These very emotions inspired Bhoos to bring such a popular South Asian game to the online platform.

Call Break Tips

  • Be aware of all the rules that the Call Break game follows.
  • Be familiar with the score breakdown to ace the game every day.
  • Be confident with the number of bids you propose at the beginning of each round.
  • Proposing fewer bids than expected would give you only 0.1 extra points.
  • Do not try to propose fewer bids just to be on the safe side. Take risks!
  • Do not make inappropriately larger bids, or the chances are to get penalized badly.
  • Be aware of the number of calls to make while arranging the cards.
  • Be a spectator of the opponent's move, to plan your next moves.
  • Keep hold of trump cards only to beat the lead suit.
  • Use spades wisely.
  • When an opponent throws a card of the highest rank, try to throw the card of the lowest rank of the same suit.
  • Do not give away your high ranking cards easily.
  • All these tips and tricks will keep you puffed up for the entire game. Log in to Bhoos Entertainment app for this exciting Call Break game; try your expertise and win extravagant cash prizes.

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