Craft your own position

Bhoos values creativity and initiative more than experience and skills. As long as you can help us in our mission to deepen online interaction through games, you are free to create your own position.

Here are some things you might want to know to get you started on your pitch.

Personal Traits

  • If you need people to tell you what to do, Bhoos will probably not be the right place for you. We at Bhoos work only for our users. If you have an idea of how to do it better, take the initiative; we will support you.
  • There are no clients to please and projects to complete at Bhoos. As such, what we do doesn’t matter as much as how we do it. If the dedication of an artist out to create a masterpiece inspires you, keep reading.
  • As a company that talks art, design, development, and growth under one single roof, collaboration is in our DNA. We hope it is in yours too.

Skill Set

  • While we aren’t too fussy about your familiarity of the programming languages we use, we are a bit of a sucker for scalable and beautiful code.
  • The capacity to create compelling designs and immersive artwork (2D or 3D) is another skill that could land you a job at Bhoos.
  • If you have any kind of skill in analytics and growth and wish to stretch your arms to embrace a worldwide audience, Bhoos will be a good place for you.

Job and Growth Description

  • As you are crafting your own position here, we expect a short Job Description from your side. Whether you are looking for an internship or an executive-level position, we will devote the same time and effort to reviewing both. :)
  • We also promise to provide you with a safe environment for experimentation and adequate challenges for stimulation.
  • We can also assure you that you will get to work on stuff that is next level, at least in the context of Nepal.


  • Please send an email to about the position you have created for yourself, why that position matters to Bhoos, what precisely that position will do, and your expected salary. Oh! before we forget, do throw in your CV somewhere in there. ;)
  • We also provide an annual bonus to all team members based on company performance.