React Developer

As a technology company specializing in social games, Bhoos is where you will get to understand why you are building what you are building and work on fantastic games.

Your primary responsibility as a React Developer will be to ensure that anyone who opens one of our games says, "Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!".

Personal Traits

  • If you are a person who notices something that is off by a single pixel, you have come to the perfect place. Keep reading.
  • You are the kind that doesn't like to be pigeonholed into specific tasks but naturally wants to understand the interrelationship of things.
  • You are naturally empathetic and think in terms of flows rather than things. If you didn't understand the last part, this job might not be for you.

Skill Set

  • You can not just code in Javascript and React in your sleep, but also understand these languages' under-the-hood machinery. If you are great at React Native, your chances of getting hired go up by a factor of two.
  • While we expect you to have expertise in a few languages, we aren't looking for prisoners of language but abstract thinkers who understand and love core programming concepts.
  • In addition to coding, if you understand UX Design, Data Analytics, Product Development, and a little bit of Backend Development, you will love it here and also get a leg-up in the application process.

Job and Growth Description

  • As we mentioned earlier, your job is to ensure that our users say, "Goddamn, that game looks so cool." To that end, you will be responsible for developing the front-end of games at Bhoos. We expect nothing less than clean, scalable code.
  • Your job is where design, art, data, backend, and users meet. We expect you to speak their languages and be comfortable with cross-functional interactions.
  • Great front-end developers naturally develop into product owners. If that is something you would be interested  in the long run, make sure to apply for this position. :)


  • We promise that you will get to work in a culture in which you will truly understand why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Monthly Base Salary: USD 700 (Annual Bonus based on company performance)
  • Please send your application from this link.

Work benefits

The idea is to work as a family ;)

Hand holding cards icon

Play games

And get paid for it. ;) If this doesn’t convince you to join us, we don’t know what will.

Icon showing growth with human head and small plant growing

Personal growth

Is inevitable because we will talk design, development, data, and growth under one roof.

Icon showing laptop and a clock

Flexible hours

We believe in personal responsibility and timely deliverables.

Icon showing money and mountain

Paid vacation

Work Hard, Play harder. Go explore the mountains or just sit by the lake, paid for by Bhoos.

Icon showing retirement chair and money

Pension scheme

We are here for the long term, and will take care of you when you need it the most.

Icon showing cafe with spoon and fork

In-house cafeteria

Call Break with co-workers over two plates of delicious momo? You got it. :)