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Multi Player

Online Multiplayer

Play against other Call Break enthusiasts all over the world no matter what your skill level. You can choose tables of various stakes, from 2,000 to 10 million chips!

Single Player

Single-Player Offline Mode

In the Single Player Mode, you play against the smartest bots in the world and bust them!

Local Hotspot

Local Hotspot

Play with friends nearby. Easily connect devices either through a shared wifi network or your mobile Hotspot.

Cash and Coins

Private Table

Invite friends and family near and far through chat and social media platforms. Relive intimate family moments through Call Break!

Premier League

Call Break Premier League

Play 100 rounds against other players in a week. One who scores the most points becomes the Call Break Champion.



Call Break, also known as Callbreak, Kolbreak, Lakadi, or Lakdi, is a trick-taking game popular in India and Nepal, among other South Asian countries. It is played among 4 players with a standard 52 deck card.

It is a strategic game, and while luck is essential, better game play, in the long run, wins more hands and games.

Here are the basic Rules:

All the cards are dealt counterclockwise to the four players. In the next round, the person sitting next to the dealer becomes the dealer.
After the cards are dealt, the players take turns bidding, starting from the player sitting next to the dealer in the direction of play.
The usual card hierarchy applies and spades are usually the trump suit. These trump cards can be used during game play if a player cannot follow suit. Again there are variations to this rule, such as a different suit is designated the trump suit or players take turns choosing the trump suit.
After the bidding, the player next to the dealer initiates the game. The next player has to follow suit and has to play a card of higher value. Players can use the trump card if they do not have the suit. However, there are also variations in which players aren’t required to play a card that is of higher denomination while following.
In each of these rounds, the player with the highest card wins the trick. The player that wins the trick then starts the next trick and is free to play any arbitrary card.
After all the tricks are complete, the number of tricks taken by each player is summed up and tallied against the bids.
If the player wins more tricks than she has bid, she gets 0.1 points for each extra win. However, if the player fails to match the bid, she gets a penalty equivalent to the bid. For example, if the player has bid 4 hands and wins 5 tricks, the player gets 4.1 points. On the other hand, if the player only wins 3 hands, she gets a score of -4.
There are variations to these standard rules. One common variation is to penalize players that win 2 or more tricks over the bid number.
After the set number of rounds are played, the scores are tallied, and the player with the highest score wins. The number of rounds played is usually 5. But there are variations with 8 or 12 rounds. It is also possible to race to a certain arbitrary score: Usually 20, 30, or 40 points.