PPC / Digital Ads Specialist

Bhoos is a mobile gaming company that brings friends and families together through card games. In addition to what you would expect in card games, we have some cool social features like voice chats, social circles, and hotspot games.

As a paid acquisition specialist, you will project our brand and product primarily in the South Asian market. Our target: 20M downloads by Dec 2023.

Personal Traits

  • If you understand that running digital ads is more about market insights and user psychology than technical know-how, keep reading.
  • If you aren't organized with ad setup and meticulous with numbers, chances are that we will not hit our targets.
  • We will go beyond google and facebook ads on this one. We hope you have the willingness to explore new ad networks.

Skill Set

  • This position is probably not for you if you don't have an abstract understanding of digital ads and analytics. We also expect you to have experience setting up a wide variety of google and facebook ads.
  • We expect you to write your ad copies and have excellent English, Nepali, and Hindi writing skills.
  • Experience of working in the Indian market will be a huge bonus. Even studying there will give you a leg-up in the selection process.

Job and Growth Description

  • Take ownership of all paid advertising campaigns and keep track of goals and KPIs.
  • Work with the executive, analytics and design team to ensure our ads kick ass.
  • Explore alternative ad platforms like iron source, unity, propeller, and greedy games.


  • We promise that you will get to work on a sizable budget in an environment that values learning. However, please take some time to check our careers and about us pages to see if we are a good fit.
  • Monthly Base Salary: USD700 - USD1200 (Annual Bonus based on company performance)
  • In addition to the CV, please send a summary of a work you are particularly proud of to careers@bhoos.com.

Do you know someone who could be a good fit for this position? Just make sure that the applicant mentions you in the email. If we hire the person you have in mind, we will treat you to a scrumptious lunch and USD100.Check out other open positions here.