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Marriage Game

Play Multiple Games & Tournaments for FREE

Bringing you ultimate fun-packed app with a bundle of card and board games and a constant stream of tournaments that are absolutely FREE TO PLAY.

Marriage Game

How to Play and Win Solitaire? | Rules and Tips

Solitaire is mostly played to relieve stress, think about a plan or strategy, or just to have fun. You can now play Solitaire anytime, anywhere, no matter if you are

Marriage Game

A Beginner's Guide to Kitti Card Game

Kitti has been a staple pass time throughout the year, and a classic hit during the festivals mostly in Nepal. Kitti is fairly an easy game, and just needs a

Marriage Game

Learn How to Play Jut Patti !

Jut Patti translates to card pairs, which is the basic essence of the card game. Jut Patti appeals to all age groups, making it a perfect pass time all round

Marriage Game

How to Win Stacks Card Game?

Stacks is the most straightforward game that can be played with friends and family. It also goes by the name of "Thichne Game".

Marriage Game

Life is a Card Game.

Life is much like a deck of cards: it is unpredictable. From birth until our last breath, we play the cards we're dealt, facing challenges and making choices.

Marriage Game

Dealing with uncertainty: Learnings from Poker

Playing poker along with Bhoos Games offerings like Callbreak and Marriage game can help one acquire a strategy to make decisions with imperfect or incomplete information.

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