All you need to know about Bhoos Fantasy Game

Ojaswi Khanal
2 min read

Are you set to explore the exciting world of fantasy football and cricket? It's time to show off your sports knowledge and turn every game into a memorable experience. Bhoos Fantasy Game is here to take your gaming experience to the next level, so stop searching! Everything you should know is as follows:

No Entry Fees

Yes, it is true! You won't have to spend any money to join the fun. It all comes down to your tactical skills and passion for the game. Additionally, you can challenge yourself to create precise predictions based on your expertise and observations, which adds another level of fun.

 Player Selection 

Select players from your favorite football or cricket teams to create your ideal squad. You have the freedom to choose, and the options are unlimited! For example, select football icons such as Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar for your ideal squad according to the matches.

Make your Dream Team and apply Powerups.
Make your Dream Team and apply Powerups.

 Power Up Feature

The power-up feature allows you to predict the player's actions for bonus points. For example, you predict that Messi will be the victory scorer, and if he is titled “Victory Scorer” in the match, you will score many points, but if he is not, you will lose points.

You can use this method to boost your scores. Predict the players' actions before they happen. If your guess is correct, you will receive amazing points! But take caution—making the incorrect guess will deduct your points. So, make an informed decision because your every move matters!

 Point Based System

Points are awarded to players based on their performance in matches, and extra points might be given for certain actions within the game. Are you wondering how points are assigned? View our full breakdown of the point system.
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Live Leaderboard

In Live Leaderboard, you can monitor your growth in real-time and see how you compare to other users as the match happens. Use our dynamic live leaderboard to monitor your advancement in real-time. 

Scorecards Viewing

You can view game statistics without leaving our web app. Easily monitor the success of your ideal team with our scorecard tool! For instance, you can easily determine the number of goals your chosen football players have scored while playing Bhoos Fantasy Game without having to exit the app and visit sports-related websites.

Are you prepared to demonstrate your tactical skills and sports knowledge? Enjoy the thrill of Bhoos Fantasy Game without fail! Make sure to check out our Bhoos Fantasy web app for an even smoother experience!