a game

Employee bonding together

Our culture

Our culture

Bonding in chaos

We embrace the chaos brought about by the diversity in our team and absence of hierarchy in our organization. In that regard, Bhoos as a workplace is not too different from a game of cards that brings joy and bonding across generations in a family.


Our culture

Beauty in resilience

We seek elegant abstract solutions over mindless stitching. We believe that this quest for beauty is the secret to creating things that transcend time.


Our culture

Challenge in safety

We believe that the key to overcoming big challenges is an iterative culture that gets better with every failure. As such, while we love nailing big hairy features on time, we also love the inevitable failures that we will face along the way.



If the following excites you, let’s work together.



20,000 concurrent players per server, high performance bots with personalities, and in-house game engine with server response time < 2 ms, and 5kbps bandwidth requirement per player.



Designing a virtual interface that recreates the emotion of playing card games with family, express the cultural diversity of our users through amazing artwork, and work in a culture of data-driven design.



Targeting a wide variety of audiences all over the world, competing with international companies, and working closely with the product and design team especially with regards to analytics.

Open positions

Work with us.

Work benefits

The idea is to work as a family ;)

Hand holding cards icon

Play games

And get paid for it. ;) If this doesn’t convince you to join us, we don’t know what will.

Icon showing growth with human head and small plant growing

Personal growth

Is inevitable because we will talk design, development, data, and growth under one roof.

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Flexible hours

We believe in personal responsibility and timely deliverables.

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Paid vacation

Work Hard, Play harder. Go explore the mountains or just sit by the lake, paid for by Bhoos.

Icon showing retirement chair and money

Pension scheme

We are here for the long term, and will take care of you when you need it the most.

Icon showing cafe with spoon and fork

In-house cafeteria

Call Break with co-workers over two plates of delicious momo? You got it. :)