Life at bhoos

Learnings and Failures. Laughters and Tears.

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How to Play and Win Solitaire? | Rules and Tips

Solitaire is mostly played to relieve stress, think about a plan or strategy, or just to have fun. You can now play Solitaire anytime, anywhere, no matter if you are

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3 Things you may not know about React

We at Bhoos are very reactive. React is our response to all kinds of happiness and mishaps. At the front, all we do is React, literally.

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From Content Creation to App Development

What started as a means to overcome my procrastination slowly taught me how significant effort, dedication, and discipline are in life.

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23 Learnings till 2023

Our journey of developing games has not been totally smooth. But hey, it is scenic, and we're here to share our souvenirs with you. 

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A Beginner's Guide to Kitti Card Game

Kitti has been a staple pass time throughout the year, and a classic hit during the festivals mostly in Nepal. Kitti is fairly an easy game, and just needs a

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Design Adventures: 2023 Recap

For the design team, 2023 was a year of bold designs, innovative ideas and detailed documentation.

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Learn How to Play Jut Patti !

Jut Patti translates to card pairs, which is the basic essence of the card game. Jut Patti appeals to all age groups, making it a perfect pass time all round

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