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Marriage Game

Kill Boredom, Not Battery

We are Reactive. We chose a React-based workflow to ensure each user feels good while playing the game.

Marriage Game

7 Learnings over 7 Years

Over the course of time, we have learnt a lot from our mistakes and practices while building our games. Currently, we have two major mobile applications, CallBreak and Marriage. We

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Marriage Game

7 Reasons to switch from JavaScript to TypeScript

JavaScript was quite reliable when we had few developers in-house and were focused on small projects. Each programmer knew what a line of code meant. But, as Bhoos' codebase and

Marriage Game

29 Ways to Win 29 Points Card Game

What's your first thought when you think about card games? The immediate reaction is that they’re games of luck and are mainly played for entertainment purposes. Is that it? No! Some

Marriage Game

Marriage presents Tika ma Ekka Challenge

To create more noise this Dashain, we are delighted to announce the 'Tika Ma Ekka' Tiktok challenge. The prime motive of the 'Tika ma Ekka' challenge is to promote bonding between

Marriage Game

Revamping our website: Things We Learnt

We had to build a website that voiced our brand values and emotions but with limited resources and an eye for perfection. From brainstorming to planning and designing the website

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