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Marriage Game

How to Play and Win Solitaire? | Rules and Tips

Solitaire is mostly played to relieve stress, think about a plan or strategy, or just to have fun. You can now play Solitaire anytime, anywhere, no matter if you are

Marriage Game

23 Learnings till 2023

Our journey of developing games has not been totally smooth. But hey, it is scenic, and we're here to share our souvenirs with you. 

Marriage Game

Design Adventures: 2023 Recap

For the design team, 2023 was a year of bold designs, innovative ideas and detailed documentation.

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How to Win Stacks Card Game?

Stacks is the most straightforward game that can be played with friends and family. It also goes by the name of "Thichne Game".

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Life is a Card Game.

Life is much like a deck of cards: it is unpredictable. From birth until our last breath, we play the cards we're dealt, facing challenges and making choices.

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Offline Gaming Experience

Dive into a variety of games, challenge bots, connect with friends through a local hotspot, and save your progress – making this game a must-have.

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One Platform, Multiple Games

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, there's one thing that brings joy, excitement, and togetherness—games.

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