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Call Break Rules | How to Play Classic Callbreak?

Be a CallBreak Legend! This guide will help you ace all the games.

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Blinking Eye Animation in React Native

In the world of user interface design, animations have become an essential element for creating engaging and interactive experiences. Among the various animations that can breathe life into an interface,

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Call Break Tips: How to get into Opponent’s Head

In the world of card games, CallBreak holds a special place as a highly engaging and strategic game. While most people still believe that it requires a great deal of

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Kill Boredom, Not Battery

We are Reactive. We chose a React-based workflow to ensure each user feels good while playing the game.

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Putting Users First | Revamping CallBreak

What runs a company? Some might say stakeholders, managers, developers, or marketers. But, in reality, users/customers drive a company.

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Decoding the Winning Team Strategies | Smart Bots 2023

Smart Bots is a coding competition. This year, it challenged participants to build a 29-point card game bot from scratch, aiming to learn from IT professionals and peers and eventually

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