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Kill Boredom, Not Battery

We are Reactive. We chose a React-based workflow to ensure each user feels good while playing the game.

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Putting Users First | Revamping CallBreak

What runs a company? Some might say stakeholders, managers, developers, or marketers. But, in reality, users/customers drive a company.

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Decoding the Winning Team Strategies | Smart Bots 2023

Smart Bots is a coding competition. This year, it challenged participants to build a 29-point card game bot from scratch, aiming to learn from IT professionals and peers and eventually

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Ludo Legend: The Timeless Classic, Made Modern

Ludo isn’t just about rolling dice and moving pawns. They're about spending quality time with friends and family, creating memories, and learning valuable life skills like strategy, communication, and sportsmanship.

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Smart Bots 2023: Journey to Super 8

Smart Bots 2023, the highly anticipated four-month-long tech tournament, has finally come to an end of its Super 8 phase. The journey till now has been a great success, with

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7 Reasons to switch from JavaScript to TypeScript

JavaScript was quite reliable when we had few developers in-house and were focused on small projects. Each programmer knew what a line of code meant. But, as Bhoos' codebase and

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Build a Python Bot and rank on the Leaderboard in 7 minutes

What was your first thought about the Smart Bots? Some might have been scared to start, as they immediately thought they could not rank in the Leaderboard.  If that's the case,

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