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Marriage Game

Dealing with uncertainty: Learnings from Poker

Playing poker along with Bhoos Games offerings like Callbreak and Marriage game can help one acquire a strategy to make decisions with imperfect or incomplete information.

Marriage Game

User Friendly Campaign - Hotspot in Marriage

Over the years, mobile gaming has become more than just individual gameplay experiences; it now revolves around creating vibrant, interconnected communities. With social media platforms as a daily routine for

Marriage Game

Make this Dashain memorable by playing Marriage on Hotspot

More fun this Dashain by playing the Marriage Card Game on Hotspot mode for hassle-free and smooth gameplay. UDP communication makes Hotspot lag-free

Marriage Game

Learn to Play the Best Marriage Card Game

Marriage Card Game made easy. Step-by-step guide along with example of real gameplay on Marriage Card Game by Bhoos

Marriage Game

How Automation Tests Help Marriage Card Game?

Before the era of automation, testing the game was a bit hectic and tiring mechanism. Here’s discussing all the challenges we faced with manual testing and how we levelled up

Marriage Game

Gamifying Learning in the Classroom

Use of cards and card games like Callbreak Legend and Marriage Card Game by Bhoos Games can make learning complex and dry subject matters fun and effective

Marriage Game

Sharper Brain: The Cognitive Benefits of Card Games

Cognition Cognition refers to skills that involve acquiring knowledge and understanding through thinking, experiencing, and using senses, at specific tasks, such as learning the definition of a word, adding two numbers

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