Make this Dashain memorable by playing Marriage on Hotspot

Deb Mahato
3 min read

Ditch the physical card decks this Dashain and play the marriage card game on Hotspot mode on the Marriage Card Game by Bhoos. Hotspot mode on the Marriage Card Game by Bhoos has the smoothest gameplay with no lag among all the competing marriage game apps.

Card games during Dashain among the family members are not just about winning the most games but also about the fun elements and bonding brought about by the trash talk of the all people present while eating and drinking all the delicacies. Playing marriage card games is a popular pastime during Dashain family gatherings but holding 21 cards in your hand while eating and drinking can be a hassle. There’s the possibility of your cousin taking a peek at your cards as the cards are falling off your hands. Let’s not even talk about the math and accounting of points won and lost by each player. Now add to that: buying 3 decks of imported cards. And, not all spaces are big enough to accommodate all the chatty viewers on the side and enhance the trash talk.

Marriage Card Game by Bhoos solves all these issues with a click. All the math and accounting of points lost and won is taken care of by the app. Even viewers can join in the fun from their own mobile from the comfort of their own seats instead of crowding around the players. Since Marriage Card Game is a Nepali product you will be supporting a local enterprise while substituting costly imports as well. Added bonus is that you don’t even need the internet to play the game in Hotspot Mode.

We talked about the basics of marriage game rules and gameplay in a previous blog titled: Learn to Play the Best Marriage Card Game. You can refresh your marriage card games knowledge from the video below.

Now that you have refreshed your marriage card game knowledge, let’s learn how to play it on Hotspot Mode using the Marriage Card Game by Bhoos app. You can fire up the hotspot network from your mobile set or use your home WiFi network to host a game of marriage or to join someone else’s table via hotspot.

When it comes to mobile gaming, having a stable connection is crucial. Lag can ruin the gaming experience and cause you to lose. That's why hotspot mode with UDP (User Datagram Protocol) communication is the best way for mobile gamers to play. Fast-moving and short-duration card games are the most fun. No player wants to wait long for the other players to throw their cards as that would ruin the fun aspect of any card game.

Let’s get to the science behind the smooth gameplay and nitty-gritty of the benefits of UDP communications. We recently delved deeper into the technical aspects of the setup and workings of “Hotspot Mode” in all our games. We’ve summarized the article below.

Hotspot Mode Provides Dedicated Bandwidth

Tethering your phone to share its network connection as a personal hotspot allows you to dedicate that bandwidth solely to your mobile game. No other devices or apps are competing for resources. Since the hotspot isn't sharing bandwidth with other activities on your phone, you get a more stable connection with lower latency. You can use your home WiFi network for the hotspot mode if you so wish.

UDP is Less Likely to Cause Lag

Most online games use UDP for network traffic since it prioritizes sending packets over reliability. UDP disregards error checking and lost or out-of-order packets, sending data as fast as possible. This prevents lag that can occur with TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) when packets need retransmissions. For real-time mobile games where split-second responsiveness is important, UDP delivers a smoother experience.

Hotspot + UDP Means Lag-free Gaming

Combining a dedicated hotspot connection with UDP’s low-latency transport makes for an almost lag-free mobile gaming setup. Your game’s network traffic takes priority on its own connection without competing needs. UDP then zips packets to and from servers without congestion from error checking. The result is ultra-responsive, frictionless mobile gameplay.

Whether you’re into battle royale shooters like Call of Duty: Mobile or multiplayer games like Marriage Card Game by Bhoos, a personal hotspot with UDP is the optimal way to play without lag ruining your experience. It provides a dedicated, low-latency network for your mobile games.

Let’s continue the tradition of family fun and bonding while playing cards during Dashain and Tihar via Hotspot Mode on the Marriage Card Game by Bhoos.