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Marriage Game.

Marriage Game.

Amongst all the card games played in the South Asian region, Call Break and Marriage are by default the most popular ones.

Marriage is about observing the cards and placing them into correct formation faster than other players would help you ace the game.

Grabbing snacks and three decks of cards with a group of friends is all; the game marriage is about.

Marriage Tips

  • Be aware of all the rules that the Marriage game follows.
  • Spot the trend of the game
  • Keep a close eye on the opponent's moves.
  • Know when to end the game.
  • Figure out the sterling/maal by the moves of a player who have seen the maal.
  • Try to make the game less predictable.

Marriage Information

Origin: Nepal

Number of cards: 3 decks of 52-cards

Special cards: Joker cards, Superman card

Game Difficulty: Intermmediate

Variations: Murder and Kidnap

Skills Required: Intelligence, Patience

Number of players: 2-5

Playing Time: 15-20 minutes

How to play Marriage?



The prime objective of the game is to arrange twenty-one cards in different sets.

Initial Goal

Arrange 3 sets of sequences or tunnellas, to be eligible to view the joker card.

Final Goal

Be the first one to arrange the remaining cards into sequences, tunnellas, and trials using joker cards.



For example, if the Joker card is then,


Same suit and rank as the joker card.

Alter Card

Same colour and rank as the joker card but of a different suit.

Man Card

Joker-faced card used to make sets after seeing the joker.

Jhiplu and Poplu

Same suit as tiplu but one rank lower and higher respectively.

Ordinary Jokers

Same rank as tiplu but of a different colour.

Superman Card

Special card used to make sets in both initial and final play.



Pure Sequence: Set of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit.

Trial: Set of three cards of the same rank but different suits.

Tunnella: Set of three cards of the same suit and same rank.

Marriage: Set of three cards of the same suit and same rank.



  • After the cards are dealt, the first player to play can either choose a choice card or the first card from the deck.
  • For each next player, the card discarded from the previous player becomes the choice card.
  • In each turn, a player must either pick a choice card or a card from the deck and must discard a card.

Initial Gameplay (Before Joker-Seen)

Try to form 3 pure sequences or tunnellas.

A superman card can also be used to form a pure sequence.

The player must show these combinations, discard a card to the discard pile, to see the joker.

Final Gameplay (After Joker-Seen)

Build sequences and trials from the remaining cards to end the game.

Man Card, Superman Card, Alter Card, Ordinary Jokers, Tiplu, Jhiplu, Poplu, acts as jokers and can be used to form a sequence or trial.

*A joker cannot be used to make a tunnella.



A player can also ace the marriage game with the Dublee perspective.

Dublee is a set of two cards which has the same rank and is of the same suit.

The objective in dublee play is to complete the game using only dublee cards.

Dublee Gameplay

Initial Play: Build 7 sets of dublees to see the joker card.

Final Play: Build 1 more set of dublee from the deck of cards to end the game.

The player is not allowed to pick a choice card unless it finishes the eighth dublee.

*Jokers cannot be used to complete a dublee.




game modes

Game Modes

Kidnap Marriage Game

The players that do not get to see the maal, loses all the significant joker card points to the winner.

Murder Marriage Game

The players that do not get to see the joker card, loses all the significant joker card points.

In both game modes, the winner gains significant points from the players:

From players who have seen the maal: 3 points

From players who have not seen the maal: 10 points


Get to know the tactics of this popular, compelling card game to become a champion.

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