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Part 1: Universal & Deep Links | Connect App & Website

The world of mobile apps is all about seamless user experiences, and two key technologies that enable this are universal links and deep linking.

Marriage Game

3 Things you may not know about React

We at Bhoos are very reactive. React is our response to all kinds of happiness and mishaps. At the front, all we do is React, literally.

Marriage Game

23 Learnings till 2023

Our journey of developing games has not been totally smooth. But hey, it is scenic, and we're here to share our souvenirs with you. 

Marriage Game

Scale Tales: Let that SYNC in

At Bhoos, our Marriage app was scaling up: more and more new users every day, more features every week and more games every quarter. Through this, one issue has always

Marriage Game

Behind the Scenes: Connecting Clients Over Hotspot

From casual lunchtime Callbreak games to designing and creating the game itself, with the vision of uniting players from every corner of the globe.

Marriage Game

10 ways to use "Ref" in React

Ref can be simply understood as a reference. Refs are used to preserve values across re-renders in React. Unlike state values, the ref can be mutated and the value changes

Marriage Game

Blinking Eye Animation in React Native

In the world of user interface design, animations have become an essential element for creating engaging and interactive experiences. Among the various animations that can breathe life into an interface,

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