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Ojaswi Khanal
3 min read

Excited about the T20 World Cup? This year is even more special for us because our own country, Nepal, is a part of it! Get ready for some cricket fun with our fantasy cricket tournament! Presenting you an amazing opportunity to join the action and show off your cricket knowledge by building your fantasy team.

Whether you are new to this or a pro, here is all you need to know to jump in and start playing:

Do I have to pay to join the tournament?

 No. It is absolutely FREE to join. Just hop on the Bhoos Games app and you are all set!

Is this for real?

Yes, we have organized similar contests during various IPL matches as well as in different football matches, offering exciting rewards each time. Here's a sneak peak of our winners from the past.

Can I win prizes?

Absolutely! We have a top-up of Rs 2000 for the first Nepal match on June 4, a prize pool of Rs 10,000 for Nepal Special matches, and a prize pool of Rs 15,000 for the weekly leaderboard. During Super8, we will announce another tournament. Stay tuned for updates!

How do I make my fantasy team if I am new?

No worries! We have got a video to show you how. Just follow along and create your dream team.

What matches are coming up?

Lots of exciting matches! Here is a sneak peek at what is happening from June 9th to June 15th:

T20 Fixtures from June 9-15.
T20 Fixtures from June 9-15.

We will be running a weekly leaderboard for these matches, with points calculated based on your performance in each match. Aim for the top and win big!

Also, our star Team Nepal needs a special place in Fantasy.
Our hearts swell with pride as we cheer for Nepal in these special matches after 10 years. Let’s come together and support our team as they take on strong opponents. Here are the Nepal Special matches:

Nepal's Special matches from June 12-17.
Nepal's Special matches from June 12-17.

These matches are not just games; they are an emotion. Let’s show the world the power of Nepali cricket! There will be three matches, and the best two out of these will be counted. There's a prize pool of Rs 10,000 for these matches, so make sure to participate and win big!

What's new in the tournament?

We are excited to introduce some fantastic new features to make your fantasy cricket experience even better based on our user’s feedback. 

Private Contest 

  • Now you can create private contests and invite up to 20 friends to join.
  • Compete with your close circle and see who comes out on top.

Vice-Captain Option

  • In addition to selecting a captain, you can now choose a vice-captain for your team.
  • The vice-captain scores 1.5x points, giving you more strategic depth.

Weekly Leaderboard

  • Track your performance on a weekly leaderboard. Your rank will be based on one week's matches, with a prize pool of Rs 15,000, making every game count. 
  • See how you stack up against other players and aim for the top!

Where will I Get More Updates? 

Join our Facebook community page for news and check out the rules. And if you have questions, just ask us on Facebook or email us at More matches will be announced once the fixtures are out, so stay tuned and join our community for the latest updates. 

We will also be having similar contests for the Super 8, semi-finals, and final matches.

Ready to play and win?

Download the app now and let's get started!

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