Call Break - 2.0.0

Updated on: February 23, 2023

If you are an avid Call Break by Bhoos player, you might have noticed some grand changes this time. Well, after revamping our Marriage Card Game, we thought it’s now time to dig deep into the Call Break game and make some necessary changes.

  • Turned chips and coins into a singular unit named Diamonds
  • Our primary focus is now on Single Player rather than Premier League
  • Boot Menu in Hotspot, Single Player and MultiPlayer Mode has been replaced with Simple Game Options and Tournament Menu.
  • Bots profile are no longer available and players do not need to bust the bots now, rather they need to win against them in tournaments.
Up for tournament?
  • To introduce the Call Break players with our other games too, we have incorporated “More Games” card.
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  • Added link to our Privacy Policy page.
  • Removed Language Selector as it was being discarded by Google in various platforms.
Now, we only have English Language!