Call Break - 2.0.5

Updated on: March 17, 2023

In this version, we have fixed bugs from previous updates and have made major changes.

In Private Table

Play with Bots

Allows you to play with bots in a private table.

Why did we add this?

For a CallBreak game, four players are a must; however, if you have a group of 2 or 3 people, you can still play by adding a bot to your private table.

How to play with bots?

Game Difficulty

  • Players can set bot expertise levels (easy, medium, hard) in the Private Table, Single Player, and Hotspot modes.

Game Features

Updated in Single Player, Hotspot, and Private Table modes.

  • Players can view Game Log (cards that have already been played) by using diamonds.
  • Players can select Dhoos Dismiss to dismiss the game if all players fall short of their bid before the last round of the game.
  • Players that achieve Perfect Call (winning the exact number of hands as the bid) in the entire game win the game.
  • Players can opt for 8-Hand Win by bidding eight and winning all eight hands.

Game Speed

This feature is now available for players to activate the Game Speed to increase the pace of card deals and bot play.

Change the pace of your gameplay!
Change the pace of your gameplay!

Hourly Gift

Instead of picking cards, players can claim different gifts hourly.

Claim gifts hourly
Claim gifts hourly

Use of Diamonds

  • Diamonds have been removed for Single Player games; hence Single Players can be played unlimitedly anywhere and anytime.
  • Diamond is required to host a table in Hotspot (to play with friends and family in a close gathering) mode.


  • A new Single-Player tournament design flow has been added to the game. Players no longer need to bust bots but try to earn the Most Wins in every 10 games.
Strategize your moves to win, no need to bust bots!


  • After an entire game, an interstitial ad is added. It can also be looked at as a break before entering another game.
  • Crashlytics/analytics integration has been done to ensure that the players deal with minimum crash issues and we can solve their problems timely.