Ludo Legend - 0.0.39

After the first internal release(0.0.14), each iteration after that was about adding some minor features and improving the game.

With our Chief Game Architect, Vinayak Shrestha, many ideas and inspiration came in the form of design and feature aspects.

Home Screen

After multiple brainstorming, our digital artist made an elegant piece of art for the home screen and even the board design.

Here's a timelapse of how she did it:

Pawn Selection

We wanted to feature some characters and also represent people from different nations in the pawns. Hence, we have introduced characters such as Maicha, Terminator, King, and more in our game.

Game Modes

We added modes like Pass n' Play and Hotspot to enjoy game with friends and family.


Features like Most Wins, Sixes, and Most Kills are introduced.

Different Game Features

A Ludo game takes a lot of time to finish; hence we added some quick game features.

Single Rush: Move one pawn from BASE to HOME.

Double Rush: Move two pawns from BASE to HOME.