A Beginner's Guide to Kitti Card Game

Rusali Adhikari
3 min read

Kitti is a card game of wit and strategy, popular in South Asian Countries like Nepal, India and more. It has been a staple pass time throughout the year, and a classic hit during the festivals mostly in Nepal. Kitti is fairly an easy game, and just needs a bit of memory and strategy to win.In this blog, we will unravel the details of this game, and give you some special extra tips to become the ultimate Kitti Card Game Champion.

General Terms

Number of Players: Kitti can be played between 2-5 players. This makes it an ideal choice even for various group sizes. 

Number of Decks: The standard 52-card deck is used to play Kitti. ,


Objective: The aim is to organize nine cards into sets of three, based on the ranks. The ranks are determined on the basis of the table below. 

Ranking: The Ranking hierarchy for the sets is based on the table below

Ranking Hierarchy for Kitti Card Game


Dealing Cards: Nine cards are dealt to each player at the start of the game. 

Creating Sets: After getting the cards, the players have two choices, whether to continue or fold. If the player decides to continue the game , he/she has to form three sets based on the nine cards. The sets should be made based on the rankings, and the highest-ranked set have to be played first. 

For example: A trial is the highest-ranked set of cards, and if a player has a trial in one of his sets, he has to play the trial first followed by the other higher set based on the ranks.

Showing Cards: The player next to the dealer can show his sets first continuing in an anti clockwise direction, the player who has the highest-ranked set  wins the round .The winner of the first round throws the next set, and the game continues. 


The player who wins any two rounds of the game becomes the winner. However, house rules vary, sometimes needing a player to win two consecutive rounds to win the game. (This mode is also available in our Kitti Game)

Salami: Getting a “salami”, is like being crowned the ultimate winner of the game. If a player wins all three rounds he gets a “Salami”.  There is an actual ritual in the physical setting of the game  where players give actual Salami “Salute” to the winner. 

Kitti:” Kitti”, like the name of the game, is a state that happens where there is no definitive winner.

For example: In a Kitti card Game played by Salman, Sarukh, Dayahang and Rohit, a kitti state happens if Salman, Sarukh and Rohit, each wins a round. 


Kitti is straightforward yet strategic gameplay that promises an engaging and competitive experience. It needs some strategic planning and a good memory. But to help you master the art, we have a few cool Kitti Tips. 

Tips for Success:

  •  Be mindful of the ranking when creating sets; a well-thought-out arrangement can be a game-changer.
  • Observation is Key- Pay attention to the cards your opponents show. 
  • Decide wisely when to fold and when to show. Because sometimes, taking a step back can do wonders.
  • Play the “Kitti”: Sometimes when luck leaves your hand, be strategic and try causing the Kitti State.
  • Practice:  Success in Kitti often comes with experience. Keep playing, refining your strategies, and enjoying.

If you still need some more help, we also have a video to your rescue.

And, now if you feel ready, Become the Ultimate Kitti Champion. Click here