Connect over Hotspot in Marriage Card Game

Saakshi Baheti
2 min read

Waiting for your food to arrive? Stuck at a dull family gathering? Try the hotspot feature in our Marriage Card Game.

To turn each tedious moment into a cheerful one, connect over Local Hotspot in the Marriage Card Game. Here's a video explaining how to play using Hotspot.

Marriage Card Game

Some benefits of connecting over hotspot in the Marriage Card Game are:

No net is no longer a concern

  1. With or without WiFi, you can play with your gang by connecting over the same local hotspot.
  2. Turn on the hotspot through the settings from your phone.
  3. Share the password of the hotspot with people near you.
  4. Open the Marriage Card Game App, select the Hotspot icon, set up a table, and then, bingo, ask your pals to join.
  5. Also, iff everyone's connected to the same WiFi network, then people just open the hotspot, and others will see the table immediately without doing anything.

Play More, Deal Less

At times, dealing cards can be chaotic, especially when playing a Marriage Card game. Three decks of cards are required thus 156 cards are required in total. Also, you might not have access to 3 decks of cards everywhere. It does take skill to keep 21 cards in your hand while preventing others from peeking. To remove all this stress, why not just play in the hotspot feature, and let the game manage all the hassle? :)

Marriage Gameplay
No stress of keeping 21 cards in your hand!

Customize your Game

Every home and every squad has different playing rules, and we respect them all. In the game, while creating a table, you can choose between game modes (Kidnap or Murder), select chips per point, and also how many Man and Superman cards you want in your game.

Customize your Game
Your Game, Your Rules!

No Math, Just Plain Fun

Point Calculation in a game as vast as Marriage is quite a task. Counting the number of joker cards with each player, and then counting the points of each card is very time-consuming. How wonderful would it be if an app took care of everything? Well, ours does.

Point Calculation
No need to calculate points anymore!

Make all your friends and family reunions grand with our Marriage Card Game. No connectivity hassles, no matching with strangers, just host your own local, virtual table and combine the experience of actually playing cards in a circle with the ease and features of your smartphone.  

If you are confused with the rules, click here.