Holi Tournament 2024

Saakshi Baheti
2 min read

Do you love playing card games as much as we do? 
This pre-holi tournament involves playing different card games, ranking at the top of the leaderboard, and winning exciting prizes.

Timeline: From March 19, at 10 AM to Tuesday, March 26, at 10 AM.

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What is the tournament about?

What are the tournament rules?

  • You can play a maximum of 100 games in a round.
  • Each game can be played up to 40 times.
  • For example, if you play 40 games of Jut Patti, you now must try other games too.
Tournament Rules
Tournament Rules

How is scoring done?

  • Win a game and earn a point. 
  • If you win 20 games of Jut Patti, and 5 games of Poker, you will score 25 points. 

What if I do not win much in the first attempt?

  • If you do not win much in a tournament, you can restart the round and start again. 

What if I start another round in the tournament and win less than my previous one?

  • Do not worry, we will keep the best of your scores. 

Can I play multiple rounds?

  • Yes, you can play multiple rounds; we will keep your best scores.
Reset your Game
Reset your Game

What if there is a tie?

  • In case of a tie (players with the same number of wins), the one who achieved the score first would win.

What are the prizes?

  • The top 8 players from the leaderboard will share a treasure chest of Rs.15,000, after the tournament ends. 
Prize Pool Breakdown
Prize Pool Breakdown

I still have a lot of questions. What should I do?

  • Please mail us at support@bhoos.com

Mark your calendars! The tournament kicks off on Tuesday, March 19, at 10 AM and runs until Tuesday, March 26, at 10 AM. 

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