Smart Bots Coding Challenge is Back

Saakshi Baheti
2 min read

After the successful first edition of the Smart Bots Coding Challenge, we are back with the second one. In collaboration with LOCUS, we bring to you Smart Bots 2023. Smart Bots 2022 transformed into a platform for coding enthusiasts to meet, collaborate, and share ideas. Smart Bots 2023 aims to do the same but with a more complex challenge for fellow techies.

For us, Smart Bots is a kind of 4-month-long tech festival where we celebrate tech minds. In other words, it's a platform for all programmers to have fun and code under the same roof.

About the challenge

The programmers have to build a bot for 29 points game from scratch this year. Participants can take part individually or in a team of two.

If you have no idea about 29 points game, do not worry we got you covered. Here are the rules!

Prize Money

We have a prize pool of Rs 8 Lakhs.

1st Prize: 5 Lakhs 2nd Prize: 2 Lakhs  3rd Prize: 1 Lakh

Prize Money
Code & Win

Road Map

Our tentative timeline for the challenge is shown below. Buckle up!

Roap Map
Tentative Schedule for Smart Bots 2023

If you want an opportunity to give coding a kickstart or if you are already a PROgrammer, Smart Bots is a platform just for you. Register Now.

Registration is free!!

Here's what the previous year's participants have to say:

I like building AI stuff, and it was too much fun working on the bot.  Most days, and almost every weekend, I would think of new strategies, learn and implement cool algorithms, test, iterate, fail, and succeed. I learned a lot throughout the competition. For me, the knowledge I gained and the fun I had would be worth every single second I invested, even if I hadn't got the prize. But yeah, the prize is great. So go on, Hack Stuff!!              - Bibek Panthi, Smart Bots 2022 Winner

I learnt a lot about AI and search algorithms. I did not imagine such capable and smart people are around us this whole time! Everyone motivated me even more to research to be better at algorithms.         - Yubraj Sharma, Smart Bots 2022 Top 6 finalist

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