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Decoding the Winning Team Strategies | Smart Bots 2023

Smart Bots is a coding competition. This year, it challenged participants to build a 29-point card game bot from scratch, aiming to learn from IT professionals and peers and eventually

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Smart Bots 2023: Journey to Super 8

Smart Bots 2023, the highly anticipated four-month-long tech tournament, has finally come to an end of its Super 8 phase. The journey till now has been a great success, with

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TrueSkill Ranking in SmartBots Leaderboard

We introduced P2P (Peer to Peer) mode in Leaderboard ranking in SmartBots Coding Challenge 2023. P2P mode uses the TrueSkill algorithm developed by Microsoft. The top 8 participants from P2P

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Build a Python Bot and rank on the Leaderboard in 7 minutes

What was your first thought about the Smart Bots? Some might have been scared to start, as they immediately thought they could not rank in the Leaderboard.  If that's the case,

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29 Ways to Win 29 Points Card Game

What's your first thought when you think about card games? The immediate reaction is that they’re games of luck and are mainly played for entertainment purposes. Is that it? No! Some

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Smart Bots Coding Challenge is Back

After the successful first edition of the Smart Bots Coding Challenge, we are back with the second one. In collaboration with LOCUS, we bring to you Smart Bots 2023. Smart

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Smart Bots: 'The Finale \0';

A challenge that started with a motive to bring the programmers of Nepal under the same roof and have some fun ended with a remarkable experience. We hosted an in-house Finale

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