What is it like to work at Bhoos?

Saakshi Baheti
3 min read

Bhoos is all about bonding with people and building with passion.

Here's a little sneak peek into the Bhoos family.

Pravin Nakarmi

Graphic Designer

Bhoos has been an integral part of me for the last four years.  My journey with Bhoos started as a Graphic Designer. I find solace in drawing, sketching, and bringing my imagination to life. The motivation and appreciation that the team provides me encourage me to do better. Being one of the first members to join the Bhoos Family, and as we are expanding, I still find no communication gap. We all are in sync with each other, to a level that we are all invited to a member's family gathering by default.                    

Sadeep Dangol

React Developer

I feel coding and creativity flow side by side. I used to draw after lunch in my free time. Before I realized it, many co-workers also started to draw and sketch after lunch. It became a ritual to have a little drawing session after lunch with passing time. I wanted my space to look environment-friendly. Slowly and steadily, our office space is full of different plants. My co-workers do bug me about mosquitoes in the rainy season, for which I provide them repellents. Apart from that, I find Bhoos is a second home to me where people gel so neatly that they forget that they think differently.                            

Rajip Shakya


Bhoos is a place where you learn and grow every day. Being a coder, sometimes it's challenging to figure out where you went wrong: skimming and scanning through various tabs, analyzing and restructuring the algorithms, and finding no loopholes feels like the end. Sitting next to the company's seniors, learning different angles from them, and building more robust codes to withstand, Bhoos has instilled a boost of confidence within me. Before joining the company, I knew the codes; after joining Bhoos, I learned how they work.    

Puja Thapa

Office Manager

Before I walked into Bhoos as an Office Manager, I had a picture in my mind full of geeky developers just trying to run codes. But from the first day into the Bhoos World, I knew it was a place full of crazy heads. I remember an evening where we all were badly craving brownies. For a moment, I thought it would be my job to set the batter until I saw a bunch of hungry developers mixing brownie mix, sugar, and butter. That day two things happened; we had hot brownies over a bunch of card games, and I knew I belonged here. 

Prateek Thapa

React Developer

Building app for games is not just about codes; it's about learning the game, thinking of alternatives, finding the suitable trade-off, finding a user-friendly approach, and many other aspects play a vital role. Moreover, Bhoos provides flexibility, encouragement, and ownership in all my tasks. Bhoos makes me feel involved in each stage of the product. I feel like I am part of the thing that is much more than just coding, that my decisions impact the products holistically than just the code on the screen, that I'm not just a guy who codes.          

Aashish Karki


I had a knack for doing something interesting. On the first day itself, I learned a lot from the team. Hence, my coding style is a mixture of the entire team. Moreover, Bhoos is a place where we do not think twice before speaking our minds. A place that only focuses on learning and entertainment. Our workplace is filled with people who crack lame jokes and believe in learning every day. I still remember an in-house stand-up comedy night, where I roasted the company's head and found him laughing the hardest.                     

We believe a good team is shaped when we bond over differences, give our best in harmony and have unlimited fun.

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