Smart Bots Journey to Semi-Finals

Saakshi Baheti
2 min read

From learning to create and submit a docker image to attending sessions to devise a better algorithm than the rule-based algorithm, our Top 12 gave their best shot, and why should we not celebrate their victory?

After the end of the Qualifier Phase, we hosted a celebratory event for our Semi-Finalists. All the participants from the Top 12 teams and people from Bhoos were a part of the event. The evening started with a couple of games and discussions related to rankings in the Semi-Finale and ended with dinner, gifts, and goodies for the participants.

Reminiscing some of the challenging moments of the Smart Bots Coding Challenge:

Smart Bots: Beginning

Initially, we had no idea where this competition would lead us, given that there are very few such competitions in our country; we had no previous data to refer from. However, we thought to give this CallBreak bot Challenge a shot. Once everything was decided, we devised the best-case timeline for the tournament in a way that would not hamper the exam schedule of the young coders. We devised a timeline of 4 long months and divided it into four phases.

Ready for Smart Bots Coding Challenge
Pamphlets on the go!

One of our biggest challenges was preparing a Callbreak Challenge's dashboard equipped with all the essentials required for the participants. Once the registration kicked in, we were delighted to watch many people become part of this challenge. With a total of 442 total registrations, we were on cloud 9.

Smart Bots: Qualifiers

With a total of 442 registrations, we were sure we would have many teams competing; however, very few submitted their bots. We did a survey and realized that many of our participants were unaware of many concepts, including the Docker Image Submission. We then made our way to simplify things for our participants. We shared a starter code with the participants to help them boost their esteem and start coding. We also started to hold physical learning sessions on different areas of Artificial Intelligence to help the participants give their best shot in the competition.

Learning Sessions
Our Learning Sessions

Slowly and gradually, we witnessed a tremendous increase on the leaderboard. The last three weeks of the Qualifiers phase witnessed a neck-to-neck competition, and the contest to secure the Top 12 spots was visible till the last day.

Celebrating our Top 12 Semi-Finalists
Gifts and Goodies to our Semi Finalists!

Today, we stand with our Top 12 Semi-Finalists, ready to battle against each other for 2 long weeks before the Finale.