Callbreak with Friends and Family: Hotspot and More

Saakshi Baheti
2 min read

Callbreak, the classic card game that has entertained people for generations, has taken a leap into the digital world, offering exciting features like Private Tables and Hotspot Mode.
New to the game? Find the rules here.

Moving on, there are two unique aspects of the game that bring your friends and family together for endless fun. Moreover, Callbreak Legend's chat system and emojis add a whole new dimension to your gaming experience.

Private Table: Creating Your Exclusive Game

  1. Log in and Navigate
  • Start Callbreak legend by logging into the game.
  • Once inside, you'll find the "Private Table" card beckoning you.

2. Options

  • At your disposal are two choices: creating your table or joining one via a PIN.

3. Creating a Table

  • If you decide to be the host, you must create a table.
  • Define your game rules - select game modes and specific features like secret call, Dhoos dismiss, double win, perfect call, and many more.
  • With the rules set, share the unique PIN generated by the game with your friends and family.

4. Entering with a PIN

  • Want to join a friend's exclusive gaming room?
  • Simply enter the PIN they provide, and you're in!

Hotspot Mode: Gaming with Friends in the Same Network

1. Login and Click

- After logging in, look for the "Hotspot" card, and you're all set to roll.

2. Network Necessity

- In Hotspot Mode, every player in the game should be connected to the same local network.

3. Join or Invite

- Now, the fun part begins. You can join an existing table in the hotspot mode or invite your friends to join yours.

Emojis and Chat System: Adding Life to the Game

Callbreak isn't just about the cards; it's also about bonding while having fun. The game's chat system and emojis provide a lively way to interact with your fellow players.

Chat System

Communicate with your friends and family in real-time. A set of pre-defined, commonly used words are present to help you connect with your friends and family.


Words can't always express what you're feeling during the game, and that's where emojis come to the rescue. Express your happiness, frustrations, and everything in between with a wide range of expressive emojis.

With Callbreak's Private Table and Hotspot Mode, you have the power to create a gaming environment tailored to your preferences and share it with your loved ones. The chat system and emojis add a layer of interaction and fun that takes the Callbreak Legend experience to new heights.

So, log in, set up your private table join a hotspot game, and immerse yourself in hours of Callbreak entertainment with your nearest and dearest.

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