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Marriage Game

Conservative and Aggressive Play in Card Games

Card games have become a part of social gatherings for decades, encompassing a perfect blend of strategy, skill, and luck. Among these games, Call Break stands out as an engaging

Marriage Game

Call Break Rules | How to Play Classic Callbreak?

Be a CallBreak Legend! This guide will help you ace all the games.

Marriage Game

Gamifying Learning in the Classroom

Use of cards and card games like Callbreak Legend and Marriage Card Game by Bhoos Games can make learning complex and dry subject matters fun and effective

Marriage Game

Call Break Tips: How to get into Opponent’s Head

In the world of card games, CallBreak holds a special place as a highly engaging and strategic game. While most people still believe that it requires a great deal of

Marriage Game

Kill Boredom, Not Battery

We are Reactive. We chose a React-based workflow to ensure each user feels good while playing the game.

Marriage Game

Putting Users First | Revamping CallBreak

What runs a company? Some might say stakeholders, managers, developers, or marketers. But, in reality, users/customers drive a company.

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