Kill Boredom, Not Battery

Saakshi Baheti
3 min read

Humans are getting more inclined to their charging stations rather than their desk.

Whether commuting to work, waiting in a queue, or just releasing stress with entertainment, mobile games have been a quick escape from the mundanity of everyday life. In such times, quick battery drain irritates everyone.

That’s the sole purpose of why we develop games that are not just entertaining but also efficient.

We have implemented several techniques to achieve this goal.

1. We are Reactive

Unity might be the talk of the town in the gaming industry; however, the device's battery consumption is very high.

Here’s Why?

Graphics Rendering

Developed to create complex images in real time, Unity is mostly used to develop 3D gaming applications. When compared to a 2D-based React Native app, this can be demanding to the hardware of the smartphone and result in higher battery use.

Background Processing

To keep up with user interactions and preserve the game state, Unity apps frequently need extra background processing. In comparison to a more conventional React Native app, this can use more resources and result in increased battery use.


React Native is designed to optimize performance and reduce battery consumption using native components and APIs. Unity apps, on the other hand, may require more manual optimization to achieve the same level of performance and battery efficiency.

However, building a game app with Unity come with many pros, but we chose a React-based workflow to ensure that each user feels good while playing the game.

2. Efficient Coding

We work with the motto "Write Once, Run Anywhere." If the same block of code can be used multiple times, why write it again? Moreover, it optimizes the developer’s time without wasting time on rewriting.


Writing efficient code improves the performance of an application. It eventually reduces the time our game app takes to respond to user inputs.

Resource utilization

Less code might consume less memory space. Also, acing how to effectively consume the memory space ensures that game can operate smoothly and effectively without overwhelming the device.

Scalability and Maintainability

As demand increases, scaling and maintaining efficient code is easier. It can help prevent bottlenecks and resource contention that can limit the ability of the application or system to handle more users or data. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and modify.

3. Small App Size

For most individuals who are not hardcore gamers, there might be limited space on their devices for game-related apps. Why should they miss out on the fun?

With efficient coding, optimization, and asset compression, our games are significantly less in size compared to other similar games.

Asset compression

With graphics and digital art, our app is colourful and vibrant. And, it is no hidden fact that heavy game assets such as images significantly adds to the app size. However, we make sure to compress the assets to reduce the overall app size without sacrificing the visual quality.


App size also speaks volume for how developers wrote code. Optimization of the game code heavily reduces the processing power and memory needed to run the game, which results in a smaller app size and can also improve the user experience on older or less powerful devices.

Server-side Processing

Our games rely on server-side processing to handle game logic and data storage, rather than storing everything in the app. This reduces the amount of data that needs to be stored locally, resulting in a smaller app footprint.

For instance, our CallBreak Game that has features like single player, multiplayer, and still occupies a total of 17 MB, while others might take up to 50-60MB space.

4. No Noise

One of the most significant concerns for many users is the abundance of ads in some apps. These ads can appear in multiple places, such as at the top, bottom, or in L-shaped formations, causing frustration. Additionally, when ads suddenly pop up during gameplay, it can be incredibly aggravating and disrupt the overall user experience.

We prioritize enhancing the user experience above all else. That's why we've implemented a strategy that minimizes the number of ads in our games, ensuring that users can fully immerse themselves in gameplay without unnecessary distractions. Instead of placing ads throughout the game, we've strategically placed only one interstitial ad that appears after the game is finished. This not only provides a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience, but it also serves as a natural break for the player before moving on to the next round or game.

Things that make us smile.

Our mission is to create games that are not only exciting and engaging, but also optimized to conserve battery life on our players' devices. Our goal is to provide an experience that can be enjoyed for hours without interruption.